This section contains a brief description of the current capital projects currently in process at PLRWSD. Capital projects are typically driven by a couple sources; opportunities to improve service to existing customers or provide service to new customers, or out of necessity due to infrastructure changes of surrounding utilities or environment.


Waste Water Treatment Plant



The Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements Project consists of various power distribution and control system improvements, addition of new standby generator and associated transfer switch, addition of flow metering/valving structure, demolition of and modifications to existing chlorine contact tank and equipment, addition of new UV Disinfection System, miscellaneous site work, concrete work, coatings, piping and valves. It will enable the wastewater plant to better handle high flow events caused by heavy rains, improve the effluent water going out, and ensure the ability to run the entire treatment plant during blackout conditions. The estimated costs for this project are expected to total just over $1,000,000 and will begin in December 2017 and be completed in April 2018. Contractor for this project is Mitchell and Stark Construction and engineer is Midwestern Engineers.

New Water Transmission and Distribution Operations Facility


The New Operations Facility Project consists of building a new 35,000 square foot water transmission and distribution operations center on 6 acres behind water plant 2. Site work began October 16 and is expected to be completed by the end of November. Design of the facility continues. Construction is targeted for the summer of 2018. This facility is being built to address the inadequacy of working out of a 2 bay service shop, a metal shop that serves part time as a tire shop, greatly overcrowded inventory areas, office areas, meeting room, and break areas. Estimated costs are between $3 and $4 million.