Doug Merkel, General Manager
(812) 678-8304

The GM manages all PLRWSD departments, handles all public relations communications, serves as project leader on major construction projects, oversees safety program, and serves as the liaison to the Board of Directors keeping them informed of operations, finances, and policies.

Jerry Allstott, Water Plant Superintendent
(812) 678-8314


The Water Plant Superintendent oversees the operation and maintenance of the Water Intake and Treatment Facilities, supervises the Certified Operators, monitors and controls water quality and communicates test data to water customers, reviews and submits monthly reporting, assures all rules and regulations are followed, and updates the Board.

Shawn Kluesner, District Engineer
(812) 678-8350


The District Engineer is responsible for the design of water and wastewater facilities; preparing bid documents and evaluating bids, managing construction projects and assisting Water/Wastewater Division with compliance with state and national regulations


Samantha Witte, Accounts Receivable
(812) 678-8301


Accounts Receivable maintains customer database and resolves all service-related issues for customers including new meter requests, new sewer tap requests, billing, leaks, payment processing, and coordinates collection activities.  In addition, Accounts Receivable establishes meter re-install requests and assists customers in establishing or terminating service as necessary.

Brianne Heeke-Knies, Meter Department
(812) 678-8319

The Meter Department manages the District’s meter reading, testing, replacement, billing, and service installations. Responds to emergencies and operational items relayed to the Meter Department from the Customer Service Department or from the answering service.


Kathy Mathies, Meter Department
(812) 678-8305


Kathy works very closely with the service department.  If you're moving locations within the district, need a new meter or are leaving the district altogether, Kathy can take care of your needs.

Karen Pund, Accounts Payable
(812) 678-8329


Karen is our front desk customer liason.  She is the first person all customers, delivery drivers and guests are most likely to encounter.  She's also the first option in our call center.   Karen can answer a great deal of customer questions and will make sure that all inquiries are sent in the right direction.


Joe DeKemper, Safety Director
(812) 678-8327

The Safety Director is responsible for human safety programs and risk management including property and liability insurance, claims against the District and workers compensation.

Craig Adams, Controller
(812) 678-8306

The Controller directs all activity of General Accounting including general ledger fund accounting, cash and investments, accounts receivable, accounts payable, construction and cost accounting, fixed assets, and debt service and all activity of Customer Service including problem resolution, billing, and collections.

Luke Woolems, Human Resources & Information Technology



The Human Resources Specialist is responsible for policy development and implementation, onboarding, benefit management including insurance, retirement, and leave.