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Service Disconnect

Q. How do I stop getting a monthly minimum bill if I’m not using any water?

A. There is a 3 year minimum.  Meaning, you must have paid a minimum of 3 years of water bills.  Then, just complete the Voluntary Removal Form by clicking on the link or calling customer service at 800-313-5589.  The completed form can be mailed or dropped off at our office or simply emailed to .  Once completed, we will remove your meter and the monthly minimum billings will be stopped.  Please keep in mind, it is a $500 reconnect charge should you decide to have the meter reinstalled.






Q. What happens if my bank account did not have enough funds to cover my payment?

A. If your payment is rejected due to insufficient funds, you will be contacted letting you know it was rejected and a $25 charge will be assessed.  A cashier check or money order will be required to pay the balance on your account.


Q. What happens if I am late on my water payment?

A. When a water account remains unpaid past the due date of the 15th, a disconnect notice is sent.  The water meter may be locked on or after the date on the notice and additional service fees will apply.  Should water service be locked, policy states that water service remains off overnight.  Meter may be unlocked the next business day after account has been brought to current status.  There is a $100 reconnect charge when a meter is locked.  


Q. What happens if I am late on my sewer payment?

A. When a sewer account remains unpaid past the 15th due date, a past due notice is sent.  If no payment is received on or after the date on the notice, the account is turned over to our collections attorney to collect and additional fees are applied for this service.

Q.  What if I need to have a meter reinstalled?

A.  There is a $500 reinstall fee.

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