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April 9, 2019

1. New covenant requires floor plans, etc. to be submitted prior to construction to “Board of Managers”. Contact Craig Adams at 812-678-8304, or Ted Schnackertz at 812-389-2529.

2. Contact Holey Moley before digging to locate utilities at 811.

3. Contact Brianne at Patoka Lake Regional Water & Sewer for water and sewer
connections at 1-812-678-8319.

4. Contact Dubois REC for electric connection at 1-812-482-5454.

5. Contact Verizon for phone connection at 1-800-483-4000.

6. Contact Uebelhor T.V. for t.v. and satellite connection at 1-812-367-1591.

7. Contact Dubois County Highway Dept. for driveway permit at 1-812-482-5505.

8. Setback lines for each lot.

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